NodeConf Barcelona is the Barcelona-edition of the longest running community driven conference for the Node community. After the very successful WeNode-conference last year we're back as "NodeConf Barcelona".

Let's celebrate this year of exciting moments like the release of Node.js v4.0.0 5.0.0 together with great talks and discussions.


+12 International Speakers
Mediterranean style catering
One day, one track
Workshops and activities
Coffee breaks at the venue
All English talks
NodeConf Barcelona

A one-day not-for-profit conference about node.js, server-side and embedded JavaScript technologies.

Organised by BarcelonaJS for the community.

Una conferència d'un dia sense ànim de lucre sobre node.js, i tecnologies server-side i embedded Javascript.

Organitzat des de BarcelonaJS per a la comunitat.

Una conferencia de un día sin animo de lucro sobre tecnologías node.js, server-side y embedded Javascript.

Organizado desde BarcelonaJS para la comunidad.

Organisers, sponsors and attendees are required to follow the Code of Conduct


Aria Stewart
Aria Stewart
Networking for Node Programmers
Bruno Pedro
Bruno Pedro
Asynchronous Microservices with Node.js
Daniel Khan
Daniel Khan
Performance Issues in Node.js
David Grübl
David Grübl
Rapid Idea Devalidation
Eugene Pshenichniy
Eugene Pshenichniy
Generator middleware vs promise-based
Franziska Hinkelmann
Franziska Hinkelmann
V8 under the Hood
Igor Soarez
Igor Soarez
Becoming a solid Node.js developer
Julian Cheal
Julian Cheal
Robotics for JS
Luca Maraschi
Luca Maraschi
Node.js speleology
David Dias
David Dias
Distributed first - Web Applications with IPFS
Patrick Hund
Patrick Hund
Lessons Learned from Building a High-Traffic Express Webapp
Michelle and Claire
Michelle and Claire
@msmichellegar @nofootnotes
Coding Education Should Be Free


Saturday, November 21

09.30 - 10.00 Registration & Opening
10.00 - 11.45 Talks
11.45 - 12.15 Coffee Break
12.15 - 14.00 Talks
14.00 - 15.00 Lunch Break
15.00 - 16.45 Talks
16.45 - 17.15 Coffee Break
17.15 - 19.00 Talks
19.00 - 19.15 Discussion Round I
19.15 - 19.30 Discussion Round II
19.30 - 19.45 Discussion Round III
19.45 Farewell & Saturday Night Party

Sunday, November 22

Workshop: Node.js Performance training.

10.00 - 18.00, itnig offices, Carrer Àlaba 61, 5-2

One day hands on training about Node.js Performance brought to you by YLD! and delivered by Tom Gallacher, Hassy Veldstra and Igor Soarez.

Node.js is great for real-time services, but what do you do when performance starts lacking? This workshop will help you gain the knowledge to identify, troubleshoot and improve performance issues in Node.js applications.



We're still looking for more amazing companies willing to support this event. Sponsorship information can be found here. If you are interested in sponsoring, please drop an email to for more details.

Info & Contact

Welcome to Barcelona NodeConf!

A full day conference in the center of Barcelona including:

  • One full day conference
  • Single track
  • Advanced topics from industry leading Node.js Engineers
  • Coffee breaks and refreshments throughout the day
  • Mediterranean-style lunch menu served right on the venue
  • Talk to amazing people from all over Europe

How to reach the conference

Conference is held in the Mobile World Centre, C/ Fontanella 2, 08001 Barcelona. Public transport stop is Plaça Catalunya for Metro (TMB), Train (FGC, RENFE) and bus (TMB, Aerobus).